Filtration by Flojet ensures the best taste with each drink

Water should be refreshing, clear and without odor. Filtration by Flojet ensures all of this and more. The system uses integrated membrane pre-activated carbon technology to improve water taste and appearance, protects dispense equipment and mitigates health concerns in foodservice applications.

The system removes chlorine and chloramine odor and taste from municipal water by leveraging carbon block technology, proven to have more than four times the capacity to remove unwanted water characteristics as competitive pre-coat filters. Carbon block enables users to activate the filtration cartridge almost immediately, eliminating the flush out process associated with carbon powder units, improving water use efficiency and reducing dispensing downtime.

In addition to the cartridge, the system includes a high flow head, built to service flow rates of up to 5 gallons per minute with minimal pressure loss, ensuring the device delivers results. The unit’s enhanced pleated membrane has six times the surface area of competing pre-coat products, enabling high volumes of water to quickly pass through the component, keeping dispensing operations moving on schedule. Filtration by Flojet is also scalable, adapting as customer operations grow and simplifying cartridge upgrades.

Available in single-, double- or triple-action sizes, the system can be adjusted for use in post-mix beverage, hot beverage and ice-making applications. Retrofit cartridges are available that improve performance and provide the best cost per gallon in other widely used system configurations. Filtration by Flojet is compliant with NSF-42, the Federal Drug Administration and the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21.

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