Perfectly chilled – Flojet SPC Series pumps help ensure proper beverage temperature

Flojet SPC Series

There’s nothing like an ice-cold draft beer, poured right from the tap. As in Europe and other parts of the world, serving draft beer has become the norm at many U.S. establishments in recent years. In fact, craft brews now account for one in every 10 beers sold in the United States, according to the Brewers Association, an industry trade group.

But you don’t need a beer snob to tell you temperature is key to consistently pouring the perfect glass of beer. Ensuring the correct temperature of beer at the tap helps maintain flavor and prevents over-foaming.

Flojet offers a full range of recirculation and chilling pumps for beverage dispensing to ensure the quality taste consumers expect. The Xylem brand manufactures a range of magnetically coupled and semi-submersible pumps for recirculating chilled water or water/glycol in beer coolers and carbonated water in soft drink coolers.

Flojet’s SPC Series pumps are fitted directly to the python (the hose surrounding the beer line) to provide the optimum cooling rate for beer, wine and soft drinks. The pumps are used to agitate the glycol or water chilling bath as well as recirculate glycol/water through the python system to keep the beverages cold from the chiller to the dispense point.

Glycol and water chiller systems have become increasingly popular in smaller establishments where space is at a premium. The compact and efficient SPC 12/4 Series pump is an industry standard for small systems like shelf coolers, which are designed to fit under counter spaces. Engineered for long life and trouble-free performance, the pump ensures peace of mind for small proprietors.

“Our SPC Series pumps ensure a great tasting beer every pour, while reducing the costs, headaches and waste usually associated with draft beer dispensing,” said David Webber, Global Marketing Director, Specialty, at Xylem Inc.

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