Space-saving beverage pumps offer expanded applications for small retailers

Flojet M-series

The arrival of touchscreen soda fountains on the restaurant scene in 2009 gave consumers the ability to concoct their own drink mixes by adding one or more shots of flavored syrup to their beverage of choice. Since then the public’s preference for different and personalized flavors in their beverages has steadily increased.

Until now, though, the trend has eluded neighborhood groceries and corner convenience stores due to limited space and low volume.

The M-series pump is capable of handling standard syrup viscosities and non-pulp concentrates and provides the consistent flow necessary for reliable dispensing. Rigorous engineering and testing support this design of a small-envelope pump to be used in low-volume syrup dispense accounts.

“Proprietors are seeking beverage systems and specialized solutions that can be customized to fit their ever-changing needs,” said David Webber, Global Marketing Director, Specialty, at Xylem Inc. “Our updated M-series is a compact and convenient solution for lower volume retailers.”

Because the M-series’ flexible design lends itself to customization, the pump has been widely adapted within the food and beverage industry and is often used for dispensing flavor shots.

“Convenience store owners and other small proprietors expect beverage dispensing equipment that is versatile, reliable and easy to commission, operate and service,” said Webber. “The versatility and easy configuration of Xylem’s M series makes it an ideal pump solution for this market segment.”

Xylem Flojet Air Operated Diaphragm, Electronic and Motor Driven Diaphragm Pumps lead the industry in bag-in-box and beverage dispense solutions. By combining intuitive design and advanced technologies, Xylem’s M-series continues to build on Flojet’s 40 years of operational excellence and applications expertise.


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