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×Ware Washing & Waste Management

Xylem has the pumps, filtration and booster pumps for your ware washing and waste management needs.  Our booster pumps handle the feedwater pressure and our filtration solutions ensure no scaling issues in your equipment.

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×Test & Measurement

Xylem's Analytical Equipment helps ensure food safety and quality.  With the ability to monitor environmental and storage conditions and with the capability to conduct non-contact measurements of product, the Ebro and Bellingham + Stanley brands have you covered.  The large assortment of USB and wireless data loggers are used to ensure HACCP compliance.

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Xylem's Floject and Gould Water Technology brands offer a complement of recirculation pumps and water pressure pumps for refrigeration applications.

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×Ice Makers

Xylem's Flojet Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps provide a long life with a compact footprint for easy install.  Flojet is a proven brand with global customer supply and support.  Our Water boosters protect equipment from over pressure conditions and assures proper pressure for equipment function.

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×Hot Beverage Dispensing

Xylem's Flojet brand provides the latest technology on water booster systems and filtration to provide customers with Recipe Quality water for hot beverage applications. Our water supply pumps provide a range of options to ensure your equipment is operating at its best.  Cutting edge designs with Composite Body Rotary Vane pumps ensure compliance to emerging drinking water standards.

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×Food Preparation Equipment

Xylem has a wide range of product to serve your food preparation equipment needs.  Whether you need filtration equipment for steamers, hot beverage equipment or dishwashers or if you need to transfer clean cooking oil to your deep friers, Xylem has you covered.  We also feature a number of pumps for glazing, batter and product transfer to allow you to do your job more effectively.  Analytic instrumentation allows you to ensure the quality of your preparations.

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×Filtration & Disinfection

Xylem's Flojet brand filtration equipment ensures the taste and quality of your product, protects your equipment from scaling and boosts incoming water supply.  Wedeco's Aquada Point of Entry UV System is one of the world's leading disinfection systems.

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×Cold Beverage Dispensing

Xylem Flojet Air Operated Diaphragm, Electronic and Motor Driven Diaphragm Pumps lead the industry in bag-in-box and beverage dispense.  We have a full complement of product that handle water, wine, juice, smoothies and beer for all your dispensing and handling needs.  Flojet offers a full range of recirculation and chilling pumps for beverage dispensing and has a full complement of water boosting and constant pressure monitors to keep your equipment at their best and filtration equipment to protect them and ensure the quality taste your customers expect.

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